Mark Loker

Co-Founder & Director of Coaching

I’m a PGA Pro on a mission to help you shoot lower scores and have more fun & less frustration while playing golf. As a PGA Coach, I understand how you feel & often get frustrated myself! Golf can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve been helping people get more enjoyment out of the game for 25 years. With the focus on the right parts of your game– I can help you shoot lower scores– with practice & commitment on your part.


  • Have hit a plateau and can’t get beyond it.
  • Are embarrassed to go out & play with others.
  • Lack confidence on the course.
  • Do not know how to practice with purpose.
  • Have had golf lessons in the past & couldn’t translate from session to course.



I get you in for a swing analysis to look at your swing mechanics.

Followed by an on-course game analysis to look at the decisions you make.

Then we come up with a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.

NOTE: This is not for everyone!

To sign on as a TGS Member — we’re looking for students who are:

  • Coachable (takes instruction/guidance)
  • Collegial (can play with other like-minded golfers)
  • Committed (to practice what you learn between sessions)
  • Curious (open-minded to different methods of training)


This is because if you fail, I fail.

I only succeed by getting my players results.

It’s a 2-way street.

It helps us avoid hitting the dreaded plateau.

We avoid getting worse, before we get better.

And we can avoid totally re-work your swing.

We’ll play golf with the game you have.


Shooting lower scores.

Having more fun on the golf course.

Playing with more confidence with your friends, family & business contacts.


I’ve been a PGA Member since 2000, and have taught at multiple private clubs on the East Coast, including the famed Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, NJ, a regular stop on the PGA Tour. I’ve taught thousands of individual and group lessons for players of all levels, from beginners to juniors to club champions. I am American Development Model & PGA Coach Certified.

My love of golf began in high school, where I served as captain of the Bayport-Blue Point Phantoms and was an all-county player. Growing up, I would spend countless hours in my backyard practicing my swing, chipping and putting — figuring out how to take a divot without ripping up my parents’ lawn. I loved the challenge of solving how to slice and curve around a tree. Using wiffle balls, I would figure out how to mimic a real golf ball and determine how it would react in a real-world scenario— much like a simulator situation.

I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University’s Professional Golf Management Program in 1999 and also hold a Master’s in Educational Leadership/Adult and Organizational Learning. That is the basis for my teaching philosophy and the programs I’ve developed throughout the years for my students and fellow PGA colleagues.

Since moving to the DC area in 2013, I’ve worked in higher education at American University and the Georgetown University Law Center. The Golf Studio is my vision for sharing my love of the game with others. I believe golf promotes mental focus, clarity and persistence — all qualities required to achieve one’s dreams.


Jessica Loker

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Jessica oversees the day-to-day operations at The Golf Studio & assists in designing the individualized programs for our players. She is the organizer, scheduler & messenger of how The Golf Studio can bring together diverse groups of people through the common denominator of golf. Jessica first met Mark on the golf course at Penn State where she was learning to play and he was learning how to teach. 

Fast forward 20+ years & together they dreamed up the idea of The Golf Studio. Originally this space was just for themselves, to share the love of the game with their own children. But it’s grown to friends, neighbors and beyond.